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What is an English Proficiency Language Certificate and Where to get it

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What is an English Proficiency Language Certificate:

You might hear and read about What is an English Proficiency Language Certificate and how it works instead of IELTS/TOEFL. But What is an English Proficiency Language Certificate and How to get it? If you apply for any International Fully Funded Scholarships 2024-25 or any other Scholarship. They will ask you about your English Proficiency. Some Universities accept English Language Proficiency and some universities don’t. In this post, we will tell you what is an EPL and where it is accepted.

What is an English Proficiency Language Certificate? An English Language Proficiency is a Document or letter that states that your previous Institution’s Medium of Language was taught in English and you have a good command of that language and the courses are taught in English. Then you can submit this certificate without any official English test report like IELTS, or TOEFL. The other important thing in the Scholarship application is the Motivation letter. Must Read about How to Write an Effective Motivation Letter 2024 Complete Guide.

How to Request an English Proficiency Letter:

To request an English Language Proficiency. You need to go to your previous University from where you completed your degree. For example, if you are applying for a Bachelor’s degree, then you will go to your college to get a certificate.

Find the focal person of your institute/university may be your Lecturer, Professor, Dean, HOD, or Department Chairman. They have already pre-made templates. This letter is Free or depends on your institute if they are charging any fee for this letter.

All you have to do is to contact your teachers or administration and they will provide you with the certificate. A sample of the English Language Proficiency Certificate is also available on Google.

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List of Countries that accept an English Language Proficiency Proof:

  • Germany
  • Malaysia
  • South Korea
  • Thailand
  • Italy
  • Japan (MEXT Scholarship)
  • Europe (Erasmus Scholarship)
  • Australia (Some Universities)
  • Canada (Some Universities)

It is hard to list all the Countries and Scholarship names here. The best is if you are applying for any scholarship. Check their Eligibility Criteria.

In the criteria check if they wrote anything like “Those who have studied or completed their previous degree from an English medium institute” if something is written like that then it means you don’t need to give IELTS or TOEFL for that. You can simply submit an English Proficiency Proof.

Some recent scholarships where you can apply with an English Proficiency Proof.

Sample of English Proficiency Certificate:

sample of english proficiency certificate
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