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How to Write an Effective Motivation Letter 2024 Complete Guide

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How to Write an Effective Motivation Letter 2024:

Most of the students stuck at writing the Motivation Letter which is the most important while you are applying for any Scholarship in any University in the world. To Write an Effective Motivation Letter you have to research before writing about your topic.

In this guide, I am going to share some key facts behind writing an effective motivation letter. You will learn certain key factors to keep in mind while writing. I am sure, if anyone who follows this pattern, will understand and learn that writing a comprehensive motivation letter is not a difficult thing. In fact, it will make you confident to write eventually.

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Let’s start learning how to write Motivation Letter?

Tip 1: Most Important: In the first step you have to give most of the time and a lot of thinking.

Why this is very important? Because with the passage of every few hours or days, your mind, will automatically tell you to remove some part of your letter and write in another more effective way with better choice of vocabulary.

You must be thinking how is this going to improve your motivation letter? Believe me, it actually works very well. You just have to play with your mind.

Of course, you are a bachelor / master or a PhD student, which means that you have caliber of writing great content. You just need to push your brain towards it.

Tip 2: Here is NEVER REPEAT YOUR CV. Many students do this mistake of explaining their CV’s again in their motivation letters. Do not do that. If you do this, the respective person would get an idea that unfortunately you have no abilities of explaining yourself with justifications and real life examples.

Why does he need to think that you can explain very well? Because if you want to study / research under him, he needs to cash out your abilities in terms of academic writing, research and so on.

Now moving forward to more important tips.

Tip 3: Make yourself a big note on a paper, and write down these questions?

  • Have you gone through the research interests of the professor?
  • Have you tried to link your CV with his profile?
  • Why did you chose that specific country/university/department?
  • Why should he chose only you out of thousands other students applying in this program?
  • Are you ready to sacrifice your comfort zone for the stated position? If yes, then how?
  • What benefit would the person get, after your selection?
  • What will you do after your selection?

After you are able to answer all of these questions, you are already half way through. Now, ready carefully, you are going to get THE MOST IMPORTANT TIP here is:

Tip 4: Work on grammar, prepositions and spelling! Many students make these little silly mistakes that lead to their disqualification. So, spend time on checking again and again. Do, proof reading and also share with your friend to find mistakes.

I did not say to work on your vocabulary, because you must not! Why? You need to use simple English words that are coming in your mind. Don’t let the reader interpret that you are dependent on Google.

Tip 5: I consider that you are already aware of the writing styles, write in a flow. Use connectors such as moreover, therefore, hence, however. This will engage your reader. Last but not the least, always proofread your letter or ask your seniors/teachers to proofread for you.

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