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How to get Poland Work Visa 2023 | Working in Poland

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How Applicants can get Poland Work Visa in 2023:

Do I Need a Visa to Work in Poland? Yes, Here we discuss How you can get Poland Work Visa in 2023. Poland is a nation in the European Union that has gained appeal as a travel and employment destination for foreigners. In 2022 and the first quarter of 2023, Poland issued the greatest number of work visas. I’ll explain the Poland work visa process for 2023, the various kinds of work permits available, and the qualifications needed to obtain one. 504,172 work permits for foreigners were issued in Poland, according to Statistics Poland. Also apply for Germany Offered Work Visa 2023 | Job Opportunity in Germany

In 2021, there was a 24% increase. It is legal for foreigners to work in Poland if they have a work permit. While you can visit Poland with a Long Stay Visa. EU nationals are not required to have a work permit in order to work in Poland. While certain nationalities do not require a visa to enter Poland, citizens of non-EU countries must have a valid work permit.

Poland Work Visa 2023 Details:

Visa category:D- Type of National Visa
Job country:Poland
Permit Type:Work

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504,172 work permits in total in 2022

  • Ladies: 31.2%
  • Men: 68.8%
  • Sector of Industry/Job: Manufacturing
  • Establishment
  • Construction
  • Transportation and Storage
  • Administrative and Support Service Activities
  • Elementary Occupations
  • Plant and machine operators and assemblers
  • Craft and related trades work

What is a work permit in Poland?

The legal document known as a work permit allows foreign employees to work in Poland.

What is the National D Visa for Poland?

One can stay for more than ninety days, but not more than a year, with a D-type national visa. You’ll update your visa after it expires.

For a maximum of 90 days, travel to the other Schengen Area Member States is also permitted with a D-type national visa.

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Kinds of work permit in Poland

  • Permit A: If you have received a job offer from an employer, company, or registered business in Poland, you must obtain this permit.
  • Work Permit B: A type B permit is required if you are an employee or member of any board and remain in Poland for a period longer than six months.
  • Work permit C: This is an intra-company transfer visa, or work permit C. If the Polish branch of the company is where your employer sent you.
  • Work Permit D: If you are sent to Poland to work in export services by a foreign employer. A Polish branch of the foreign employer is not permitted.
  • Work Permit S (Seasonal): If you are being sent to Poland for lodging, hunting, fishing, or agricultural work by a foreign employer, you must have this permit.

Types of Poland working visa

  • Type A: Airport transit visas are known as type A visas.
  • Type C: Schengen visas, also known as Type C visas, are primarily used for travel and visits.
  • Type D: The Type D Visa is a long-term national visa that is primarily granted to individuals who are traveling to Poland for employment, education, or training.

Eligibility criteria for Poland working visa

  • You need to have an official offer of employment from a Polish employer.
  • A business or Poland-registered company may be the source of the job offer.
  • On your behalf, your employer must apply for the work permit and file an application with the Voivodeship Office.
  • Letter of employment: The original employment letter, which is signed by your employer and includes information about your position, pay, and other terms of employment, must be submitted.
  • certificate of police clearance. You have to provide evidence that you are not a criminal.
  • Please review the list of documents needed to obtain a D visa for Poland.

Applying process for Poland working visa

  • Get a Job offer from the Poland Employer.
  • Your employer applies for a work permit on your behalf.
  • You apply for a work visa at the Polish embassy. (Check the embassy of Poland in your country, make an appointment, and prepare documents).
  • You will pay the Visa application fee.
  • Wait for the Visa Decision.
  • Enter Poland and start working.
  • Receive a job offer from the employer in Poland. (The links are provided below.)
  • On your behalf, your employer applies for a work permit.
  • You go to the Polish embassy and apply for a work visa. (Verify the Polish embassy there, schedule a time, and gather paperwork).
  • The visa application fee will be paid by you.
  • Wait the decision on your visa.
  • Go to Poland and get to work.
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