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Top 10 Free Online Courses Websites 2024-25

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10 Best Free Online Courses Websites 2024-25 for International Students:

Most of the students prefer to learn online while staying at Home due to current situation. Also online learning a lot of other benefits. You can learn new skills at any available time. In this article we will review top 10 website that are using Online Education in the world. These websites also provide a lot of free course with certificates with the collaboration of other world’s best universities. Top 10 Online Jobs For Students 2024-25 | Online Homework Jobs.

List of Free Online Courses Websites 2024:

Here we have prepared a list of Best Websites that offers Free Online Courses with Certificates. Certificates are not Free but you can apply for Financial Aid. Details of each website is given below:

1# Coursera:

The vision of the Coursera is to provide the life-changing learning encounters to anybody, anywhere. It is currently a leading web-based learning environment for advance education, where more than 49 million learners from around the globe come to grasp different skills. About 200 of the world’s top colleges and industry educators partner join hands with Coursera to offer courses, Specializations, declarations, and degree programs.

2# edX:

edX is the non-profit, open-source MOOC provider for students and professionals. Lead by MIT and Harvard, it has a community of more than 20 million learners and more than 2400 online courses from the top-ranked universities around the world and industry-driving organizations. edX is the point of interest of engineers, computer and data scientists, psychologists, biologists, and business experts. With Open edX, teachers and technologists can develop new learning tools and contribute to the platform.

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Many leading organizations use open edX for employee training, blended learning, and custom onboarding and many more. edX courses are free but you will have to pay for a verified certificate.

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3# Udemy:

Udemy is among the Top 10 Free Online Courses Websites. Udemy is the global learning and teaching platform, providing the quality education from the experts who stay active in their field. Udemy helping students and professionals to develop the skills they need to succeed in their lives. It has 295 million course enrollment, 150K courses, 65+ languages, 33 million minutes of videos, and 57K instructors. In addition to free courses, it also offers paid courses for nominal charges.

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4# Khan Academy:

Khan Academy provides free of cost education from kindergarten to high school courses. It has free educational resources including practice exercises, personalized learning and evaluation dashboards that enable the learners to learn at any place. The main mission and focus of the khan academy is on mathematics, it provides the teaching of mathematics effectively and enjoyably way. For the specialized content and technological courses, khan academy is collaborating with the world’s top-class institutions like NASA, The Museum of Modern Arts, California Academy of Science, and MIT. Almost all mathematical courses are available in khan academy.

5# LinkedIn Learning:

For the people that are engaged in a remote working environment, LinkedIn provides the best professional courses that help them to boost their professional skills. In LinkedIn learning, courses are related to business, technology, creative writing, programming, etc. Courses in LinkedIn learning can be chosen both by employees as well as recommended by employers and their HR administrators based on their information on the LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn premium subscribers get access to on-demand learning videos.

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6# Stanford Online:

Stanford online is an online learning platform by Stanford university’s faculty and research members. They participated actively in providing lifelong learning opportunities around the globe. Learning opportunities comprises of graduate and undergraduate degrees, online and in-person courses, professional certifications, and Stanford extended educational programs. Through this platform, Stanford university proposes more than 100 free online courses for self-learning and skill development.

7# Harvard Online Courses:

Harvard online courses initiative taken by Harvard University to offer free and open learning to students around the world. They featured several free more than 800 useful fee-based courses at very nominal charges. Harvard online courses include all the courses in an online format from its top school. i-e Harvard business school, Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard medical school, etc. Harvard online course CS50 (Intro to computer science) is very well reputed.

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8# Codecademy:

Codecademy is one of the largest online coding school helps programmer to learn how to code. It provides free access to computer programming language education. Codecademy is helping around 24 million students by providing attractive tutorial on Python, Java, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Ruby, SQL, HTML/CSS, and Angular JS/ React.js. In addition to this, Codecademy is providing free of cost training and practice modules on API (application program interface). Codecademy also includes the tutorial and courses on the usage of the world’s top tech company’s API i-e YouTube, Twitter, etc.

9# Alison:

Alison is included in the list of top free online learning and education providers. They have a specialist in the field of online education and are rigorous in delivering high-quality skill trainings. They provide free online certification at any subject level, anywhere and anytime. Like other MOOC provider, the major advantage of Alison course is that it is sequential i-e each course is divided into different modules and have an assessment at the end of the course. Alison courses could very well support you in a professional career by giving extra validity to your capacities and aptitudes.

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10# Udacity:

Udacity is the online learning platform with the mission to empower the individual with technical and non-technical skills required in the working organization. It provides free online courses and certifications in all innovative and exciting fields in the world with a major concentration on career advancement. There are around 160,000 students from more than 190 countries are enrolled in online courses. The significant advantage of Udacity’s online courses is that they have professional mentors to provide feedback on work.

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