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12 Best NGO Scholarships for Nigerian Students 2024 (Funded)

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Top 12 NGO Scholarships for Nigerian Students in 2024:

If you’re a Nigerian student and want to Study free, then apply for NGO Scholarships for Nigerian Students 2024 in Nigeria. These scholarships, provided by non-governmental organizations, offer financial help to students, making it easier to achieve their academic dreams. Students can undertake their Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree or PhD Degree with scholarship at no cost. These awards are available for academic session of 2024-2025. Also apply for Bond University Transformer Scholarship 2024-25 in Australia (Funded).

These scholarships are offered for almost all academic fields and majors in Nigerian best Universities. They will cover most of the study expenses.

Scholarships are very important in Nigeria because of the country’s economic challenges. With high poverty rates, many talented students can’t afford to continue their education. Scholarships, especially those from NGOs, give these students the support they need to reach their potential and contribute positively to society. Check this amazing opportunity University of Alberta Scholarships 2024-25 in Canada (Fully Funded).

NGO Scholarships for Nigerian Students 2024 Details:

University:Nigerian Universities
Degree level:Bachelors, Masters, PhD
Scholarship coverage:Fully Funded
Eligible nationality:Nigerian Stuudents
Award country:Nigeria
Last Date:Different

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Nigerian students can also study in Germany DAAD Helmut Schmidt Scholarship 2024-25 in Germany (Fully Funded).

Also check McGill University Scholarships 2024-25 in Canada (Fully Funded).

Top 12 NGO Scholarships for Nigerian Students:

These are the Top 12 best Scholarships for Nigerian Students offered by different NGO’s to study Free.

  1. MTN Foundation Scholarships
  2. NNPC/Total Scholarships
  3. Shell Nigeria University Scholarships
  4. Agbami Medical and Engineering Professionals Scholarship
    • Eligibility: Nigerian undergraduate students studying medicine and engineering.
    • Link: Agbami Scholarships
  5. Nigerian Women Association of Georgia (NWAG) Scholarships
    • Eligibility: Nigerian female students in their first year of study at a recognized Nigerian university.
    • Link: NWAG Scholarships
  6. Jim Ovia Foundation Leaders Scholarship
  7. Nigerian National Merit Award (NNMA) Scholarships
    • Eligibility: Academically gifted Nigerian students in Nigerian tertiary institutions.
    • Link: NNMA Scholarships
  8. David Oyedepo Foundation Scholarships
  9. Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship
    • Eligibility: Students from developing countries, including Nigeria, with outstanding academic merit and financial need.
    • Link: Aga Khan Foundation Scholarships
  10. SEOF Scholarship
    • Eligibility: Nigerian students in various fields of study, including science, medicine, and engineering.
    • Link: SEOF Scholarships
  11. PTDF Scholarships
    • Eligibility: Nigerian students pursuing undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral degrees in oil and gas-related fields.
    • Link: PTDF Scholarships
  12. Ford Foundation International Fellowships Program

Documents Required for NGO Scholarships:

The required documents for NGO Scholarships for Nigerian Students can vary, but generally include:

  • Completed application form
  • Proof of Nigerian citizenship (passport, national ID, or birth certificate)
  • Academic transcripts
  • Admission letter from a recognized institution
  • Proof of enrollment
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) or resume
  • Personal statement or essay
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Financial documentation (bank statements or income certificates)
  • Passport-sized photographs

Eligibility Requirements for NGO Scholarships

Before you apply for any scholarship, it’s crucial to understand the eligibility criteria. Generally, you must be a Nigerian citizen with a strong academic record and demonstrate financial need. Each scholarship has specific requirements, so review them carefully to increase your chances of success.

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Tips for Getting NGO Scholarships:

Nigerian Students can follow these tips to successfully got these scholarships:

  • Understand the Requirements: Each scholarship has different eligibility criteria. Make sure you know what each scholarship requires before applying.
  • Start Early: The scholarship application process can take time. Start early to avoid last-minute stress.
  • Highlight Your Achievements: Showcase your academic, extracurricular, and community service accomplishments in your application.
  • Prepare a Strong Application: Make your application stand out by clearly expressing your ambitions and goals.
  • Seek Guidance: Talk to past recipients or educational advisors for valuable tips.


NGO scholarships are crucial for supporting Nigerian students in their education. They provide financial assistance and help bridge the education gap, contributing to the development of skilled professionals who can positively impact various fields.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How competitive are NGO Scholarships for Nigerian Students?

NGO scholarships in Nigeria are highly competitive due to the large number of applicants. Meeting the eligibility criteria and submitting a strong application is essential.

Can I apply for multiple NGO scholarships at the same time?

Yes, you can apply for multiple NGO scholarships as long as you meet the eligibility criteria for each. Make sure you can manage the application process and fulfill any obligations if selected for more than one scholarship.

Are there scholarships for specific fields of study?

Yes, many NGO Scholarships for Nigerian Students target specific fields like science, technology, medicine, and engineering. Explore different programs to find those that match your field of study.

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