End-Of-Study Funding in Germany 2019 for International Students:

Highly qualified international students are invited to apply for the End-Of-Study Scholarship at the Technical University of Cologne in Germany.

The fund is established for providing financial support to those claimants, who are in the preparation of their final thesis of the bachelor and master’s degree program.

Founded in 1971, Technical University of Cologne offers a total of 90 bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in full. As an institution of higher education, it cooperates with universities and other research institutions on a national and international level.

Why at the Technical University of Cologne? At this university, candidates can get the opportunity to be interviewed and employed for an internship, part-time and full-time positions within the scope of careers.

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Deadline: August 15, 2019

End-Of-Study Funding in Germany 2019 for International Students Eligibility

  • Eligible Countries: Aspirants from any nationality
  • Acceptable Course or Subjects: Graduate and a postgraduate degree in any subject
  • Admissible Criteria: The applicant must be enrolled at TH Köln with the aim to obtain a university degree. They must demonstrate financial need, be in the final stage of their degree program and who, based on their previously achieved grades, are likely to graduate within a maximum of two semesters. Candidates, who live in Germany during the time of writing their final thesis, are eligible to apply.

How to Apply for End-Of-Study Funding in Germany 2019 for International Students

  • How to Apply: If you want to gain this wonderful opportunity, then you need to be registered as a bachelor or masters degree student at the university. After being admitted, candidates can download and submit the award application form to Department of International Affairs of TH Köln, Lis Dagny Ohlsen, Claudiusstr. 1, Room 55, 50678 Köln.
  • Supporting Documents: Claimants need to attach the current certificate of enrollment at TH Köln, transcript of records with an indication of the average grade, list of not completed exams with estimated completion date, CV, recommendation letter, copy of passport with personal details, evidence of current finances, copy of the thesis registration from the examination office, and proof of social commitment.
  • Admission Requirements: For admission, seekers must have to achieve very good or good grades in their previous studies and meet the admission requirements of the university.
  • Language Requirement: If you want to obtain a degree at TH Köln, you need to have German language proficiency at the DSH 2 level.

End-Of-Study Funding in Germany 2019 for International Students Benefits

The successful scholar will get the amount worth up to 400 € per month (single parent Bachelor-students: up to 750 € / single parent Master-students: up to 850 €) for up to 6 months.