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Vienna Biocenter Summer School 2024-25 in Austria (Fully Funded)

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Vienna Biocenter Summer School 2024-25 for International Students:

Applications are invited to apply for the Vienna Biocenter Summer School 2024-25 in Austria. All International Students from all over the world are eligible to apply for the Vienna Biocenter Undergraduate Fellowship 2023. If you have a passion for biology, get ready to apply for the Fully Funded Fellowship in Austria. Undergraduate and Masters Degree students have a good chance to work in world’s best labs with great researchers. The Duration of the Summer School in Austria is 9 weeks from 1 Jul to 31 Aug 2024. Also apply for Khalifa University Graduate Scholarship 2024-25 in UAE (Fully Funded).

Vienna Bio Center Summer Research Internship in Austria will provide all the expenses. A wide range of research projects are available in the areas of biochemistry, stem cells, Molecular biology, bioinformatics, neuroscience, RNA biology and immunology. Almost 30 students selected each year for the program.

Every year the Vienna Bio center summer school takes onboard talented individuals. These individuals are provided the chance to work along side expert scientists in the field of biology. The best part about this summer school is the fact that it is completely funded. Must check HEC Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship 2024-25 in Hungary (Fully Funded).

Vienna Biocenter Summer School 2024-25 Details:

Offered by:Vienna BioCenter, Austria
Duration:9 Weeks
Scholarship coverage:Fully Funded
Eligible nationality:All Nationalities
Award country:Austria
Last Date:31 January 2024

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Financial Benefits:

Vienna Biocenter Summer School 2024 in Austria for students from around the world is a Full Free Summer School for the duration of 9 Weeks. Details of coverage is given below:

  • Free Accommodation will be provided.
  • Stipend of 1400 euros will be provided to each selected candidate after tax for the duration of nine weeks program
  • Comprehensive Medical Insurance
  • A free travel pass providing unlimited use of public transport within Vienna for the duration of the scholarship
  • Reimbursement of travel costs to and from Vienna
  • Numerous social events

Eligibility Criteria for Austria Summer School:

Applicants have to meet the following criteria while applying for Vienna Biocenter Summer School:

  • Completed at least 2 years of an Undergraduate Degree at University or at least 1 year of a Master Degree by 30 June.
  • Applicant have previous research experience
  • Good academic record
  • 3-months research experience
  • High level of English language
  • Evidence of enrollment in a University program for the current academic year and the next year (if possible).

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Application Deadline:

The last date to apply for the Vienna Biocenter Summer School 2024-25 in Austria is 31st January 2024.

  • Call Opens 1 December closes 31 January (2359 CET)
  • Results are published 15 March
  • Summer School starts: 1 July (or last Friday in June)
  • Summer School ends: 31 August (or last Friday in August)

How to Apply for Vienna Biocenter Summer School?

There is an Online Application System to apply for the Vienna Biocenter Summer School 2024-25 in Austria. The Official Advertisement link is given below:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are letters of reference required?

At the time of application letters of reference are not required. We may contact the supervisor(s) of shortlisted candidates.

Does the Vienna Biocenter Summer School have specific language requirements?

The program language is English throughout. Proficiency in English is therefore required. A formal proof of competence in English (IELTS, CPE or TOEFL) is recommended but not mandatory.

Is there an age limit for Vienna Biocenter Summer School?

Although we do not have a strict age limit, students need to be studying a Bachelor or Master degree, which means that students are normally relatively young.

How much is the application fee?

The summer school does not charge an application fee.

Which documents should I upload?

Please upload your enrolment certificate and transcript of studies and/or exam results for the last years of your course. You will also need to upload a proof of enrolment for the next academic year. If this is not possible, you should upload a personal statement with the programmes that you have/will apply for. A CV or cover letter are not required.

My documents are in a language other than English or German – should I provide a translation?

All uploaded documents that are not in English or German should have a translation attached. The translation can be done by the applicant.

My enrolment certificate for the spring/summer semester is not available yet, what should I do?

Some universities are unable to provide an enrolment certificate for the spring/summer semester at the time of application. Please therefore upload your present enrolment certificate and note in the application that the new certificate will be available later. Note that if a position is offered a valid certificate will have to be produced.

I am in the final year of my BA studies, can I still apply?

If you are in the final year of a bachelor study and you intend to graduate before 1 July you are not eligible for the summer school, unless you can show that you will enrol in a Master degree in September.

I am in the final year of my Master studies am I eligible for the summer school?

If you are in the final year of a Master study and you intend to graduate before 1 July you are not eligible for the summer school. In this case you may be interested in our PhD programme.

Where do I find details of the projects offered?

Please check out the websites of the group leaders that are offering positions. If after this you find a particular group or groups interesting you are free to write directly to the group leader for further information on the project.

I have submitted my application what next – when can I expect to hear something?

No extra confirmation is sent when the application is submitted. All applicants will be acknowledged after the deadline expiration and the results should be published by 5 March. ALL applicants will receive a notification if their application has been successful or not.

I am having problems uploading documents, what should I do?

Some PDF documents may have an encoding or signature certification which interferes with saving the document in our system. Therefore before trying to upload please ensure that the PDF is in the correct format or rescan. If all else fails you may contact the administrator who may be able to upload the documents for you.

Why am I not able to download a pdf of my application?

Most likely one of the documents you uploaded is not a pdf or bigger than 1 MB. The difficulty may also lie with the security settings of the pdf, which is often the case with certificates. Please make sure the pdf you upload can be opened.

I am presently enrolled in a PhD programme, may I apply?

No, the summer school course is intended for undergraduate and Master students only.

I am unable to attend the whole school may I still apply?

Unfortunately the dates for the school are fixed and participants must attend the whole school without exception.

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