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International Youthopia conference 2019 by Monarch Pakistan

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International Youthopia conference 2019 by Monarch Pakistan

Applications are now live for International Youthopia conference 2019 organized by Monarch Pakistan that will be held at Iqra University E.D.C campus, Karachi, Pakistan. Monarch aims to empower the youth by bringing them to the majestic platform where they can share their ideas, visions, and opinions. Their motive is to improve the image of Pakistan by provoking patriotism in our youth.

About – International Youthopia conference 2019:

Monarch Pakistan (Igniting the change) is an organization that works for the well being of the young generation from all over the world. Youthopia basically represents an infinite process of change and provides a stand to emerging talents and the one whose voice and opinions are unraised in the society. It enforces them to expose themselves, to speak up, to communicate and to unfold their stories of determination, success, and hard work for better understanding and motivation.

Financial Preferences:

1. For Pakistani Messengers:

A. From Karachi

(Fees for residents living in Karachi is Rs/-3000)

It Covers:

  • Entry of the conference
  • Meals
  • Certificates
  • Social nights
  • Note: (it doesn’t include accommodation)
B. Outsiders of Karachi:

Fees for those who are from other cities besides Karachi is Rs/-6000 which do not include the airfare to and from Karachi.

It covers:

  • Accommodation during the conference days
  • Meals
  • Entry in the conference
  • Social nights
  • certificates
  • transportation

2. For International delegates:

100/- USD for the international delegates across the world.

It Covers:

  • The meal.
  • Accommodation during conference days.
  • Entry fees of the conference.
  • Domestic transport, and certificates.
  • It does not include VISA fees and airfare.
    (Note that the all these costs are nonrefundable).

Ambitions (objectives) of Yotuhopia Conference:

International Youthopia conference 2019 by Monarch Pakistan is an infinite movement that aims:

  • To promote new talent.
  • To raise the unheard voices and opinions.
  • To highlight the struggling yet inspiring stories and issues around us.
  • Offers a platform to speak up.
  • To create harmony and peace.
  • To refine the image of Pakistan across the world.
  • To promote cultural diversity.
  • To overcome fears by enhancing communication skills.
  • Promotes gender equality
  • Eliminating racism
  • Break typical cultural stereotypes
  • How to tackle with your flaws
  • To create a better environment within people from different cast, color, and creed.
  • To bring every opinion, vision and idea under observation.

Eligibility criteria for International Youthopia conference 2019:

  • Open for all whether of any gender, caste, color or creed.
  • Age limit is from 12 to 35.
  • Transgenders are highly motivated to apply.
  • Social Organizations and NGOs are recommended to go for this opportunity.


Iqra University, E.D.C campus, Karachi, Pakistan.

Organized by:

Monarch Pakistan

Duration and Deadline:

Duration: 29 August – 1st September 2019
(4 days conference).

Deadline: The last date to submit applications for the International Youthopia conference 2019 presented by Monarch Pakistan is 10th of May, 2019. Submit your online application forms as soon as possible.

How to apply for the International Youthopia conference 2019 by Monarch Pakistan:

Fill the Online Application form of International Youthopia conference 2019.

Official Website:

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  2. SEALNet Youth Leadership Summit 2019
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